Guidelines For Boarders

Items Required by the Students

  • Summer Uniform- 4 Sets
  • Winter Uniform
    • Shirts- 4 nos
    • Trousers, Skirts -3 nos
    • Blazer & Sweater- 1 each
    • Belt & Tie – 1 set
  • Other Items
    • Undergarments (Vest)- 6 nos.
    • Under wears -6 nos
    • Blue Jeans (Low waist not allowed)- 2 nos
    • White Kurta- 4 nos
    • Sports Shoes- 2 pairs
    • Black School Shoes- 2 pairs
    • GIS School Bag- 1no
    • Handkerchiefs- 6 nos
    • Casual Dress – 3 sets (More of casual dress is discouraged)
    • Suitcase- 1no.
    • Side Bag- 1no.
    • Pillow- 1no.
    • Towel (Big & Small)- 2 each
    • Toilettories- As per need.
    • White Sports Cap- 1 no.
    • Track Suit- 1 set
    • Umbrella or Rain coat-1 no.
    • Bathroom Slippers-1 pair
    • Floaters- 1 pair

Rules and Regulations

  • Parents are requested to avoid frequent visits to the hostel.
  • For any personal, relevant cause, the warden should be contacted first, who in turn will seek the Principal’s permission for the same.
  • The timing for a visit by the parents should be strictly between 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
  • Reporting to the school in the beginning of the session or after vacations should be one day before the vacation ends. A late fine of Rs 100/- shall be charged per day in case of non compliance.
  • In case of an emergency the school should be informed regarding the matter well in advance and the student should report to the school with the parent’s letter and supporting documents (Medical certificate etc)
  • Students fee should be deposited either Half Yearly (By 10 April and 10 October) or Annually (By 10 April).
  • A fine of Rs 100/- per month shall be charged in case of non compliance. Do avoid such situations.
  • Bringing Money, I-pads, Mobiles, Cameras or any other costly items in the hostel is prohibited. Any such items found will be confiscated and will not be returned even on request.
  • Bringing eatables to the hostel is strictly forbidden.
  • Telephone calls from Parents should not be more than twice a week. The timing for the same are:
    11:00 am – 2:00 pm & 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm on holidays.
    8:30 pm to 10:30 pm on regular days.