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About Programming Pathshala

Programming Pathshala is an educational initiative, aimed at bringing excellent skills of Programming through excellent training. Our students of past one year has already proved their mettle and are now working in numerous companies like Amazon, HP Research Division, Samsung and many more.
In upcoming summer Boot Camp, All of our efforts are aimed at fostering analytical skills with hands on practice of Problems pertaining to Data Structures, Algorithms and Competitive Programming and bring an upper edge in you for your placement rounds.

M Rajani (Competitive Programming)
Rajani is a graduate of IIT BHU, Varanasi; who has an Offer Letter from Microsoft, US with a package of over 1.8 Crores. He bagged maximum package at IIT BHU in his batch.
Rajani has deep rooted interests in Training and imparting his skills. He has also done tremendous research as student and has numerous research papers at his name. He has previously worked with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley during his internships.

S Jalan (Discrete Mathematics)
Postgraduate in Mathematics and Computing from IIT BHU and a mathematician by interest; Jalan has numerous feathers in his cap. He will take sessions on Discrete Mathematics. He is now working with Goldman Sachs.

V Vivek (Algorithms)
Vivek works at Amazon Development Centre Hyderabad and has been part of numerous trainings at LPU Previously. He has been a phenomenal trainer, Coding Enthusiast and has been guiding many students for their success in campus placements.


Designcut is a workshop cum innovation startup by NITians. Our motive is to deliver quality workshops. In addition to this, we provide innovative product solutions to day-to-day problems. We’ll be launching them shortly.

Shubham Aggarwal
Experienced RC Trainer; Aircraft And Quadcopter Professional

Shailendra Kumar Mishra
Trained Quadcopter Professional
NIT Uttarakhand

Raman Verma
Trained Quadcopter Professional; Racing Drone Expert
NIT Trichy

Siddhratha Nayak
Quadcopter And Racing Drone Expert

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