The Key to embrace your Board Exam Results

It’s that time of the year again when comparison of the marks between Sharma ji’s son and Kapoor ji’s daughter is made, parents suffer too much anticipation and anxiety at the same time, and children observe it as their success/failure day. Yes, the national topic of India- the Board Exam results has been announced.

Each year lakhs of students give these exams after months of preparation and seek a new future based on the results. The fact that the ratio of number of institutions offering aspiring courses and the number of aspirants is poor makes for a tremendous competition. Well, the preparation time has been long over, and now we all need to embrace whatever results are out.

Irrespective of the marks that you have got, understand that this is only a part of your life, and no matter how high or low marks you’ve got, the journey forward will be made successful by sheer will, hard work and belief in oneself. There are legendary living examples, which have turned failure into their achievements. And there are also thousands who failed even after having the best of the worlds. Believe in yourself, young minds, and don’t let marks deter your self-worth and shake your self-confidence.

Once you’re secured in your faith system, go for the course you’re most interested in. The key to a long, successful career is to study the subject and the course you’re passionate about. If you haven’t yet discovered your passion, go for the course with good market value, and that lets you experiment with your choices. The right exposure, at the right university will open doors of lucrative career options ahead and will give you insights about your passion and points of interest.

A word for the parents:
According to an October 2016 study conducted among Indian university students, students from “happy” families suffer from less depression. Parents, we know that you want the best for your kids, but the foremost thing that they need right now from you is your unconditional love and support. Embrace the individuality of your child. Believe and make your children believe that their self-importance is much more valuable than what the peers and the society tries to form out of it. Every child is special, and your right guidance, humble life-lessons and strong support system can certainly make them extraordinary.