Stress Buster for X Class Boards

Pressure Makes You Win

Being a teacher, I accept this as my moral responsibility to guide and prepare class X students who face Boards first time after the cessation of CCE pattern. People generally say that we must never be under pressure which is in some of the situations, incorrect. For instance, Kapil Dev scored 175 not out in 1983 only under the pressure of captaincy and spirit to win. He accepted this in one of his interviews that the victory he had in that match was only because of the tremendous pressure of responsibility that he had on that day. Thus, the pressure a student has this year must be of achieving success and here are some simple tips that may help everyone to score good marks in final CBSE board exam 2018:

  • Set your target of Marks in each paper
  • Go through the textbook and find out the portion which needs more practice
  • Convert your Leisure time into study time
  • Prepare a Daily Timetable and make the best use of time
  • Don’t linger on one topic and waste your time. In place of this, prepare for exam as per the weightage that a chapter has in the board exam
  • Attempt a 3 Hr Sample Paper every alternate day (covering all the subjects) and note down the time you consumed in completing the paper (TOS-Time of Start, TOE-Time of End)
  • After solving 4 sample papers, you must be able to finish the paper in 2 Hrs and 20 Minutes
  • Get the critical evaluation done of all the sample papers you solve by your subject teachers
  • Always Remember “Good Handwriting is Half of Education”. So, write neatly and create a good impression before the examiner

Words of Marvel

"You are going to receive tremendous accolades when the board result shall be announced in the Month of May 2018"

Praveen Masta
Gateway International School