Skill Development

India is a technologically fast developing country and the need for technical experts like engineers is already understood and realized. However, an area that is ignored in the last few decades is the need for semiskilled and skilled workers in every field related to the application of technology in our day to day life, even when there is an acute shortage of skilled workers.

Skill development means developing one’s skill set to add value to the organization and to one’s career development. A large segment of youth is unemployed today and such skill development programs will greatly help them in not only finding a living but also by giving a chance to shape their careers. At the same time, such programs will also help in building up the larger economy- the society and industries, manufacturing of small industrial/ domestic equipment etc.


Entrepreneurship is a very important engine for growth of any economy. It brings new ideas into the market and generates more employment. And it's also one of the reasons why the Indian Government has launched multiple initiatives and policies in the recent past to encourage Startups and Entrepreneurship. A high increase is also seen in the percentage of youngsters who want to build the right entrepreneurial ecosystem for themselves. They quit their conventional jobs, lead in different premises, try new ideas and earn big profits. Entrepreneurship has become the youngest and one of the most Popular disciplines in India. Pursuing this discipline, Gateway Education has planned to start a CSDEn.