Call for New Startup Proposal

CSDEn is a new age center for skill development and Entrepreneurship. It is a Startup Enabling Platform for today’s youth who want to gain meaningful opportunities in their career and startup space. At CSDEn we offer a variety of comprehensive programs to create skilled personals and India’s NextGen Entrepreneurs!

The Programs under CSDEn is specifically designed for enthusiastic students who want to learn and groom their skills. It has already conducted several meaningful entrepreneurship initiatives focused on youth across the Sonipat city with a strong motive to uplift the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the grass root level.

CSDEn will be delivering below offerings to the youth and students:
  • 1. Skill Development Training Module for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level learners
  • 2. Possible Employment Opportunities
  • 3. Start-up Talk Session
  • 4. Webinar Session (an alternative to a talk session, in case of any constraint)
  • 5. Virtual Exposure [50+ Hours of Video-Based Online Learning]
  • 6. Experiences [Live Work Experience at Startup Organisations]
  • 7. Incubation Cell
    • a) Cheapest Office space and other infrastructural facilities,
    • b) Opportunity for Mentor Networking
    • c) Opportunity for Investor/Promotor Networking
    • d) Access to quality manpower and experienced advisors
    • e) Platform to showcase their concept/idea in national and international exhibitions

CSDEn (Center for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship) invites start-up business proposals to be evaluated and considered for incubation support. The business proposals should be innovative and have sufficient scope for incubation. Any individual or a team can send their proposal to the undersigned.
For detailed information: Incubation Policy

Who Can Apply

Anyone who is passionate about becoming an entrepreneur and is keen to build up a business idea.

Admission/Selection Process

It is recommended that applicant should carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions of the i-center.

Following are various stages for processing applications:

Stage I: Submission of Pre - Application Form (PAF)

For admission to the i-center, the interested candidates can apply online via Pre - Application Form. The application will be scrutinized at an appropriate level.

Stage II: Submission of Formal Application

If the PAF seems suitable then the applicants will be asked to submit a formal application with a detailed proposal. The Business Plan will be scrutinized by a team of experts having relevant technical and financial expertise on the basis of certain evaluation criteria.

Here are the Evaluation Criteria:

  • 1. The strength of the product idea in terms of its technical content, innovation, timeliness and market potential.
  • 2. Profile of the core team/ promoters.
  • 3. Intellectual Property (IP) generated and the potential of the idea for IP creation.
  • 4. Financial/ Commercial Viability and 5-year projections of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows.
  • 5. Funds requirement and viability of raising finance.
  • 6. Time to market.
  • 7. Break-even period.
  • 8 Commercial potential, demand and requirement in India.
  • 9. Scalability.
Stage III: Presentation to Evaluation Committee

If the initial evaluation of the business plan / executive summary is positive, CSDEn will call a meeting with the company founders, during which the company will be expected to present a PowerPoint presentation describing critical aspects of the business plan (BP) to the evaluation committee. Evaluation Committee (EC) will comprise of representatives from the team of experts and two board members of the CSDEn. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. The presentation through video conferencing is also permitted. After the presentation, the EC’s recommendation along with the clarification by the Incubatee duly endorsed by the Chairman of the EC would be sent to the board member of the CSDEn for their recommendation.

A final decision will be made regarding the company's entry into the incubator. The entry to i-center will be in accordance with the MoU signed between the company and CSDEn.

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