Smart class

Smart Class is used as an effective way of teaching in Gateway International School. Smart classrooms are quite beneficial in teaching-learning process in our school. We make use of an appeal to audio-visual senses of the students in using smart boards. These smart boards also help students to have an active participation in the classroom.


Gateway International School offers a scope for learning different languages .English Hindi and French are an essential part of curriculum as they provide the learner the ability to step inside the mind and context of other cultures also. In a world where nations and peoples are dependent upon one another, understanding other cultures is paramount. As globalization brings the world closer more urgent is the need for global citizens to be competent in other languages.


The School Library in Gateway International School is integral to the teaching and learning process. The library facilitates the teachers and ensures that each student has equitable access to resources. It also bestows students with the material necessary to succeed in a constantly changing technological, social and economic environment.

Creative & Performing Art

The Performing Arts program in Gateway International School helps hone the skills of young performers so that they are prepared for the competitive world of performance. This encourages students to balance and prioritize their tasks to reach their goals. Students get an exposure to acting, music, painting, printmaking and other facets of art in our school.