Application form for the Need-Based Scholarship

Need of including Such Scholarship:

After observing the financial crises due to COVID-19, The kind-hearted Gateway Education management has decided to support the students financially and provide them affordable quality education. To achieve this, this year, we are coming up with a Need-Based Scholarship.

A total of 10 such scholarships is decided to be given to students. To avail this scholarship, The student needs to apply before 30th September 2021, and the student has to pass through the personal interview to showcase their potential and supporting documents. The result will be announced within the week from the date of the interview.
"Note: This scholarship is available only on the Tuition Fee"

The Need-based scholarship consists of five parameters:

1. Academic (25 Marks): The student may come under this parameter If they have scored more than 70% in the last qualifying exam.

  • 95-100% Up to 25 marks
  • 90-94.9% Up to 20 marks
  • 85-89.9% Up to 15 marks
  • 80–84.9% Up to 10 marks
  • 70-74.9% Up to 5 marks

2. Extra Activity (20 Marks): If the student participated in any field like singing, dancing & games/sports, etc. at the district level, state level & national level, then the following slab is applicable:

  • National Level Winner: Up to 20 marks
  • State Level Participation: Up to 15 marks
  • District Level Participation: Up to 10 marks

3. Social Welfare Contribution (15 Marks): To be monitored by the screening committee.

4. Communication Skills & Personality (20 Marks): The student needs to undergo a personal interview to showcase his/her potential before the screening committee on some pre-informed topic of his/her area of interest. During the presentation, The following parameters will be observed:

  • Body Language
  • Personality
  • Attitude
  • Presentation Skills
  • Aims
  • Communication Skills

5. Financial (20 Marks): To be decided by the committee after observing his/her parent's current financial background.


  • Based on the score of the top 10 candidates, this scholarship is divided into the following courses: BBA: 05 scholarships, B.Tech.: 02 scholarships, MBA: 01 scholarships, BCA: 02 scholarships.
  • The top 10 scorers will get benefits as per the slab below:
  • 1st topper 100 % Scholarship 6th topper 75% Scholarship
    2nd topper 95% Scholarship 7th topper 70% Scholarship
    3rd topper 90% Scholarship 8th topper 65% Scholarship
    4th topper 85% Scholarship 9th topper 60% Scholarship
    5th topper 80% Scholarship 10th topper 50% Scholarship
  • The student can avail of only one scholarship (need-based/ regular), whichever is maximum.
  • This scholarship is applicable for his/her whole duration of the course.

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