A Guest Lecture by Mr. R. K. Jha, representative of JK cement

Gateway College of Architecture and Design, Sonipat organized a guest lecture by Mr. R. K. Jha, representative of JK cement on Wednesday 5th Sept. 18. Mr. Jha gave a presentation on the ‘green cement’ introduced by the company as a new sustainable building material. The students being the future architects would be using and suggesting building materials in the projects which needs to be strong, durable and sustainable.

He talked about the importance of sustainable materials for the future of the world. JK green cement is one such new material in the building construction industry which is not only equally strong and durable as the other grey cement but also uses the waste materials of plastic, glass and coal industry as its raw material.

After the lecture there was a demonstration of wall putty to make decorative wall motifs. Students were also given a chance of hands on experience to design with wall putty. The session ended with the distribution of snacks from the company and students enjoyed a learning experience.