The social service society पहल_educating India organized the virtual event in the name of “The GIET’s Yog shivir” on the occasion of International Yoga day. The event was started by Dr.Mamta Rani with Gayatri Mantra. Students of the college demonstrated the yoga asanas to the faculties and explain the benefits of each Asan (Yogmudra, Padmasana, Suryanamaskar, Bhujangasan, Baal aasaan, etc.) and make faculties to practice with them. This particular International day of yoga is more significant than ever before. simply, because of the pandemic. We have realized generation of people, how our lives have just turned upside down all of a sudden without warning " the pandemic". The whole event was hosted by Mrs.Neha Kaleramna and Students of पहल society ( Abhishek, Aditya, Nikita, Deepika, and Tanya) make them aware of the importance of Yoga in our life. The whole activity was performed under the supervision of Dr. Vinay Singal, Dr. Mamta Rani, Mrs. Neha Kaleramna, Miss Gazal Gupta. Today's agenda of the team seemed fulfilled.