Today a Debate Contest was organized by Management Department of Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology. The session was programmed under the able guidance of Principal, Dr. Vinay Singhal and the cultural committee.

The debate contest included interesting topics like College students should not be allowed mobile phones, Is the invasion of Ukraine by Russia justified, Are corporate jobs a new of slavery and companies should hire 50% male and 50% female employees.

Participants had to speak either in favor or against any of the mentioned topics. The participants spoke with zeal and confidence on the topics. The event was held in the presence of all students and staff. Everyone learned a lot from the topics being discussed and the debate proved to be fruitful. Three prizes were awarded to students as follows:

1st prize Shiwani BBA 6th sem

2nd prize Ananya BBA 6th sem

3rd prize Tarun BBA 4th sem

The session concluded with a vote of thanks by debate coordinators Ms. Jagjot and Ms. Neha.