Photography competition was  organized by PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB of GIET

A Photography competition was organized by PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB of GIET. This activity was divided in five different formats which are as follows:
1. “Monochrome” Photography.
2. “Instagram” Photography
3. “The world we live in” photography
4. “The SHOT” photography
5. “Insect” photography.
The students from different departments (BBA, ME, CE, ECE, CSE & Polytechnic) participated in the competition, where following students got the prize .
Monochrome photography
1. Abhishek David ( 4th year CE )

World we live in photography

1. Abhishek David (4th Year CE)

Shot photography
1. Mohit (1st Year BCA)

Insect photography
1. Abhishek David (4th year CE)

Instagram” Photography
1. Anisha (1st year BCA )
Aim of the competition was to provide a platform for the students to showcase their talent in extra curricular activities. It was well enjoyed and appreciated by the students.