To provide the best education is raison d'être of GIET education. We also understand how excellence in all the fields would finally help a student in overall development. With the thought of the importance of personal growth, a seminar on Data Analysis was conducted by the CSE department on April 5th, 2018. We got to see the very active participation of the students and the faculty members.

Mr. Anil Arora (HOD of CSE Department) addressed the students present in the workshop by sharing his valuable knowledge about Data analysis and its importance. Data analysis is the discovery of useful information out of the raw data and getting to a conclusion. He also explained; the complicated process of judging what all can be optimally used out of the many enhances the decision-making ability of any individual. The habit of doing a data analysis can be very critical for any company. The efficiency of any company can be increased by putting in the resources at the right place. Data analysis is not only crucial to companies the students would be working for in the future, but also in doing future planning for themselves. He shared how global leaders like to achieve their goals with data analysis. He explained how data analysis could be used through various soft wares like Miner, Orange, and WEKA.

After imparting the required information, the students were given an opportunity to clear their doubts. They actively participated in discussion with the teachers. In the course of this duologue, the students were able to understand the significance of data analysis. There was a sublime expression of ideas by all faculty members, and they provided not only technical knowledge but also practical exposure to the students.

As told by Mr. Anil Arora, data analysis is not only limited to work. It has its standards of accuracy that would help all the students to make correct choices that will be beneficial for them in all over their lives.