A team of Toastmaster from Delhi visited GIET campus on 10/08/23 at 2:30 p.m onwards. The Toastmaster team was headed by Mr. Sachin Malik (Division E Director of District 41, Toastmaster) along with his 6 other members. They came to promote the Toastmaster club in GIET. In their presentation they showed, how Toastmaster club works to improve the communication skills of the participants and how it helps to build leadership skills in them.

Their presentation was scheduled as:-

1.) There was an Introduction to Toastmaster

2.) Speech By Prepared Speaker

3.) Table Topics(Impromptu Speaking)

4.) Prepared Speech Evaluation

5.) Supplementary Evaluation Reports

6.) General Evaluator’s Report

7.) Conclusion of meeting

They presented a very crisp demonstration of their club’s functioning in front of about 125 students and faculties of GIET in Bhaskar Hall. Students of GIET took active participation in some of their activities like Impromptu Speaking and other activities. All the participants and faculties enjoyed and learnt new skills of improving their communication.