Engineers are the shapers, builders, and maintainers of any nations past, present, and future. If an engineer’s brain is not moulded correctly, we would not be able to produce the right mind for the proper work. Keeping this in mind, GIET always focuses on overall development of every student on the campus. Since a direct experience would help more in learning the theory, RISHIHOOD UNIVERSITY organized a construction site visit for the students of the CIVIL engineering department

Mr. Sumit Kumar along with his expert faculty members were the ones under whose guidance this visit was carried forward. The students had their chance to interact with the managing authority. They put up many questions regarding the construction process and got to know about reinforcement details and drawings. They observed the process of construction very zestfully and acquainted themselves with the recent advancement in civil engineering. They were encouraged to understand the safety measure taken in a construction site. Alongside, they showed their enthusiasm to get the knowledge of types of bricks, machines, concrete Mix and shuttering process.

GIET aims to produce smart and well-educated engineers who can become productive construction managers in future. The primary focus of the construction site visit, however, was to provide some ancillary objectives that directly relate to the construction technology. This is very important to the students in many ways, like;

  • Giving contextual details using real-world concepts and definitions,

  • To promote the will of acquiring the skills essential to handle construction projects in the future,

  • An Integration of theoretical principles with contemporary construction implementation,

  • To instil the essence of active learning in the students.

The purpose of this workshop was to evaluate the effectiveness of site visits as an educational instrument for teaching building technology to engineering students. The seminar discusses some academic hypothesis surrounding the learning edge and controlling the knowledge of the site visits as an educational model.

The students had a very thoughtful day learning many practical aspects of the construction industry which they implement in the future. GIET has always kept learning as the primary motive for the students. Focusing on; experience would let the students understand the theoretical aspects in a better way. The students were looking very cheerful after acquiring this practical knowledge.