Invite Gateway To Your School

Invite Gateway To Your School

Gateway Education believes in engaging and nurturing an ecosystem for the larger growth of the nation and the society and we will be glad to visit your campus in this regard to keep moving on the path of development through education and more. You can Invite Gateway for a talk, session or workshop for your students or teachers. We can tailor our presentations to suit the requirements. From Year 10s choosing their subjects to Year 12s about to leave school. We can also speak to smaller groups about specific disciplines. Our talks are inspiring, engaging and we welcome all kinds of questions.. The core reason for our existence is to positively impact the lives of our students and society at large. The people at Gateway are passionate to help others grow. We understand the other person and focus our energy to create opportunities for learning and evolution for everyone. As an institution and as individuals, we are here to facilitate our everyone’s growth. Humans aspire for something higher. This is the drive behind human actions and innovation. Gateway is a medium for our people to realize their aspirations, evolve as a person, and get consumed through self-expression. Our people have natural tendency and aspiration.

What We Do



  • Workshop on Developing a Portfolio
  • Business-Slam Workshops
  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • Self Development Sessions


  • Sessions on the Art & Craft of Effective Teaching
  • Workshop on Teaching, Reading, and Understanding
  • Leadership
  • Masterclasses for Educators