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About Us Seats Intake: 40

Gateway College of Architecture and Design is situated in the lush green Gateway campus in a developed sector of Sonipat in the National Capital Region of the country. Started in 2008 by an experienced architectural academic and a young architectural entrepreneur the college has grown by leaps and bounds to start from a one-room set up to the present over a lakh square foot facility. This was the fulfilment of dreams of these two persons to establish an institution that could be a model for others to emulate.

An innovative idea was necessary. The college was conceived to an amalgamation of heritage values and the call of tomorrow. The mixture was developed by generating a concept of a ‘technical gurukul’. Slightly misunderstood in the highly commercial and materialistic world of today, it stands out today as an oasis of ‘Indianness’ and caterer for tomorrow’s needs. The gurukul component was envisioned by creating a platform where the guru and the shishya could be together all the time. Thus came the novel outcome of placing the academic and the residential spaces together. Our girl students could thus safely work around the clock.

As this college was envisaged to be a gurukul, it was necessary to also cater to the development of the students in personality, communication and goodness of being and citizenship. The college therefore lays a lot of emphasis on discipline and offering a platform for developing these qualities. A half day of the five-day week is devoted to academically structured activities in the fields of literary arts, fine arts and performing arts.

To inculcate these developmental aspects, this college has the unique advantage of having an exclusively designed building to meet these ends and an enlightened management. Besides the combination of academic and residential spaces there are a lot of interaction spaces, digital studios, a well-stocked library an architectural workshop, museum and manual studios to meet the university requirements.

This college thus offers a holistic architectural education and its alumni have shown that the systems adopted here have yielded positive results.