Board Exams: 7 Tips for Parents

When it comes to the board exams, all parents and children ride through the same emotions of anxiety and fear. It feels like it's not only your children who are preparing for the exam but you, yourself are back to your own board exam days. This anxiety and fear often end up creating a stressful situation at home for the examinee. As a result, they are unable to maintain proper focus on their studies and sometimes also become a victim of depression.

While you are busy worrying about your child’s future, do not forget that you as a parent is the strongest support system for your child. To stay calm and help your children achieve their desired goals, here are some tips and tricks parents can follow:

1. Know what your child feels about the approaching board exams and how prepared they are. The best way to do so is by interacting with them as a friend. Also, try not to discuss anything from office or somewhere else in front of the examinee. It might be stressful for them and hamper their concentration.

2. You can ask them questions about their feelings, preparations, the strategy of attempting the exams and other such related questions. Asking questions can bring out good solutions to some of their crucial problems.

3. Look after the diet and other eating habits of your children. You need to ensure that the child isn’t eating anything that might affect their health adversely.

4. Do not try to force your children into any eating habit that they are unable to accept willingly. According to a research published in journal Appetite, the more parents try to control their child’s eating habits, the more maladaptive the behaviour of the child becomes.

5. Make sure that the child is sleeping on time and participating in physical activities like sports on a daily basis. You shouldn’t restrict themselves at home for the whole day without any physical activity. Any sort of physical activity is great for their refreshment.

6. The environment at home should be as stress-free as possible. Try not to ask too many questions on a bad paper day. This may induce the fear of expressing their feeling to you.

7. Do not compare your child to others. Remember, you are a source of influence for them and whatever you say is going to affect their personality. So, try to say as much of positive to them as possible.

We all understand the importance to excel in the Board exams, but remember, that you are their support system and you should stand by them in all the situations. A board exam is just a milestone to reach higher studies and not a method of judging your child’s intellect. Make sure your child knows that your love for them is not dependent on their board exam results. Keep them free from any peer pressure for a better future.

We wish you the Best of Luck for the upcoming "BOARD EXAMS".