GIET Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


Indian Higher Education (IHE) System is on the path of transformation through the implementation of National Education Policy-2020 by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. IHE plays an extremely important role in promoting human as well as social beings in developing India. The focus of NEP-2020 is to develop an ecosystem where students are given professional and nonprofessional education through a multi-disciplinary approach, revamping of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and evaluation, reaffirming the integrity of academic faculty and leadership, the establishment of a research foundation to promote research and to give administrative autonomy.
Thus, with a broad perspective to provide quality teaching, Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sonipat (GIET) has established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in accordance with University Grant Commission (UGC) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) guidelines.


The vision of the GIET-IQAC is “to develop an ecosystem for academic excellence through learning, leap and lead” by implementing the GIET Quality Policy.


“Preferred destination for innovation and interdisciplinary teaching and research, learning new pedagogy, to impart quality academic research and professional excellence in all domains and thus transforming young minds into competent professionals with good human values.”

GIET Quality Policy

Nurture and provide intellectual capital to the society through excellence in research-based teaching & learning and transform them into professionals with good human values.

IQAC Coordinator: - Dr. Shish Pal
IQAC Chairperson: - Dr. Vinay Kumar Singhal (PRINCIPAL)

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