An Immunity Test drive was conducted in the GIET campus on 05/02/202. This was proposed by the Asst. Prof. Sushil HOD of APSH department and executed by Asst. Prof. Joginder in the guidance of Principal Dr. Vinay Singhal. Dr. Ravi Kumar (M.D) from Civil Hospital, Sonipat came with his team to take the samples. The team took the samples of teaching and Non-teaching staff and also told the benefit of this test. They told that doing this test it will determine that whether any person had suffered from COVID in the last three months and does he or she has the Anti-bodies to fight with the COVID. If any individual had suffered from COVID and has the Anti-bodies then he or she will be able to donate the plasma for the plasma therapy. The report of the same will be sent to the college within two to three days.