Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sonipat on the occasion of CSIR Opening Day organized a visit to National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi. First Year students of B.Tech along with faculty coordinators Mr. Sushil Kumar (Head of the Department Applied sciences), Mr. Mohit Bhatnagar and Ms. Preeti went there with 52 students. First of all, students visited Chromatography laboratory. Here students studied Chromatography is the most widely used separation technique in chemical laboratories, where it is used in analysis, isolation and purification. Then students visited Ultrasonic Interferometer manometer, Here students studied the ultrasonic interferometer manometer (UIM) which is a national primary standard and the dynamic flow control system (FCS) which can be used for the calibration of vacuum gauges by comparison method by generating precise and stable pressure in the range 1133 Pa. The students were shown a 15 minutes film which gave them an idea about the role of NPL Laboratory and its role to strengthen and advance physics based research and development for the overall development of science and technology in the country. This visit provided a valuable opportunity to the students to get involved in knowledge sharing and to think and work on recent research schemes.