The Kaushal Vikas Partner award announced by Mr. Arun Nanda, member of Mahindra Club and Secretary of AICTE today to Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology, who won this prestigious award this year for their commendable contribution and non-stop efforts in the advancement of the society and the education system as a whole, in joint sessions of NITI AAYOG and CII.

Proud to be an important part of the Gateway Education, the Executive Directors of the institute, Mr. Sahil Agarwal, and Mrs. Somya Agarwal, gracefully received the award. This honour has been given to Gateway Education on account of its praiseworthy commitment to the life-changing programmes run by the Govt. of India, widely identified as”Skill Development Programmes”.

Subsequent to accepting this honour Mr. Sahil was all excited and curious, which displayed a brilliant articulation of his thoughts concerning the importance of such sorts of well thought and evaluated programmes for the improvement of our nation. Mr. Sahil’s belief in making a country strong starts with making its citizens skilled, which strengthens his commitment to all those upcoming endeavors by the Govt. of India, that contributes to a balanced development of every individual in our society.

He finished his valuable thought expression with a guarantee that GIET will always stay committed to contributing towards different Yojanas in future too. It was, in reality, a red letter day for all GIET management, faculty, students and others connected with the organization. With a positive support from the society, GIET was able to take another step forward in making “Incredible India”.