Advanced Transportation System Seminar

With the aim of promoting the development of the Transportation System in India, the "Advanced Transportation System Seminar" was held on February 15, of this year, in the classroom of Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology.

The event was organized by GIET and undertaken by the Civil department, to make sure the students can fulfil their real objective of study, that is gaining practical knowledge and enhance their intelligence.

Considering the need to establish a renewed, modern public transport system that is adequate to the present and future social needs of India, and the potential that the country currently has for the development of a project of this magnitude, the objectives that are intended to be achieved through this seminar was “Fly ash in road construction and intelligent transportation”.

Mr. Vijay Rohilla along with Mr. Ravi dignified the seminar, by joining the students on this special occasion as a mentor. They imparted information to participants about the road and environmental policies of India and implementation of artificial intelligence in transportation. They also made the students aware about various alternate materials that can be used in better road construction for both urban and rural areas of the country.

Students had a close chat with the educators and set up numerous inquiries in regards to development framework. They were looking extremely impressed and happy with those glorious articulations of thoughts.