On Monday, 01 March 2022, Khushi Dahiya Chikara, a student of class XI arts of the Gateway International school, selected for the title of Miss India 2022 by VPRN Entertainment in Ahmedabad.

More than 40 intelligent and beauty queens of the country participated in this competition. On the basis of best in Introduction, One and One, Talent and Quiz under four rounds of all the contestants, Khushi Dahiya Chikara, the Gateway student, was selected for the title of 'Miss India 22'. VPRN Entertainment Creative Director Vidya Kabra adorned Khushi Dahiya Chikara with Miss India 22 shield and certificate.

On this occasion, the entire Gateway Education Group and GIS Principal Prem Kumar Ojha gave a grand and warm welcome to the student Khushi Dahiya Chikara and said that it is a proud moment for the state of Haryana. This proves that Gateway Education is committed to all activities providing ethical and quality multidisciplinary education to the students with all arts especially modeling, theater, and international platform.