A seminar was administered, on CAD/CAM to present and discuss the restoration manufacturing systems using Cad-cam technology and associated milling systems, to the students. The purpose for the seminar was knowing the possibilities, limitations and characteristics of these systems that will allow us to advance in their development and dissemination among the students of GIET.

Planned and organized by the Mechanical department, this seminar took place on 26th February this year, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, within the MEchanical department. A huge number of students were seen interested in the concept of CAD/CAM and attended the seminar with full dedication.

The honourable faculty members Mr. Lalit gureja, Mr. Jitendar kumar, Mr. Vivek ,Mr. Vikram and Mr. Nikhil shared their significant information about the use of CAD and CNC in present day enterprises. By the time the seminar accomplished its motive, the students became more acquainted with automatic machine tools, automated material handling, storage system and more. They were also given detailed information about the functioning and making of various modern automated or fully programmed machines.

The active participation of the students were really appreciated by the faculty. Final year students even presented a thoughtful PPT on the topic discussed. The contribution of maximum number of students made the event fruitful.