SlideCrafts Showdown - A Presentation Making Competition

We're thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the SlideCraft Showdown on 20 September 2023.Participants showcased their presentation skills under the pressure of time constraints. After creating captivating presentations within an hour, they delivered compelling Presentations. Judges were impressed by the creativity and impact of the presentations. Congratulations to our winners who received exciting prizes and certificates.

List of Winners:

Name Class Rank Certificate Number
Navnitya Vinayak B.Tech 4th Year 1st GIET/2023/09/003
Piyush Garg BCA 2nd Year 2nd GIET/2023/09/004
Divjot Singh BCA 1st Year 3rd GIET/2023/09/005

List of Student Coordinators:

Name Class Certificate Number
Yash Saini BCA 2nd Year GIET/2023/09/001
Lokesh Tushir BCA 2nd Year GIET/2023/09/002

Some Photographs from the Event: