The Organiser's Society(TOS) of Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology organized a Mother's Day Innovation Competition to engage the students during the lockdown into something creative.

"Highlights and Results"

1. The Competition was online and Social Media Based where students from GIET and GSB participated.

2. They shared their creativity which included Dance Videos, Poetry Writing, Singing Videos, Act Filming, Poster Making, and others.

3. All the participants did magnificent work in their submissions.

4. There was a total of 30 submissions among which 22 were eligible for participation.

5. All eligible submissions were posted to the official *Instagram account of TOS*

5. *Deepika* , a participant from *BBA* received *3,500 views and 750 likes* which was the highest in number among all posts.

6. During this event, our Instagram Handel received a total of *11,848 interactions* among which *6,205 was through IGTV videos* and *5,642 through posts*.

7. Due to these posts we had an altogether *increment of +97,966%* in account reach.

8. While it was very challenging to select the best ones from all the creative work of students, but the panel declared the winners of the competition after very critical analysis, not each post.

And the winners of the competition are:

1st position - Khushmeet Maan (BBA 1st yr)

2nd Position - Anamika Singh (BTech - 1st Year)

3rd Position - Sahil (BBA 1st yr)