Visit by International Architect Mr. Anne Feenstra

Gateway College of Architecture and Design, Sonepat organized a 2 day academic visit by Prof. Anne Feenstra, an eminent International architect. Known for working and designing with the communities to redefine contemporary architecture Anne Feenstra is a Dutch architect with design teams based in Afghanistan and India. A Master in Architecture from Deft University, Anne has been practicing architecture in the European continent and London (William Aslop architects) before setting up his own design practice in 2004. Prof. Anne is a laureate of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2012 (Paris) and is well known for his architectural work in Afghanistan, India and Nepal. In all three contexts, he has worked with local communities to redefine contemporary architecture to make it more inclusive and sustainable. Prof. Anne has a considerable teaching experience. He has been associated in teaching with institutes in Europe, Kabul, SPA Delhi and CEPT (as ex DEAN).
On the first day of his visit the Institute organized a public lecture on ‘Architecture of Equipoise’ by him. In his presentation he focused on the importance of balance in the design. He talked about the ‘open design process’ where it is important to include all kind of stakeholders in the design process. He also discussed the importance of designing sustainable buildings with respect to the surrounding context and people.
After his presentation there was a small interaction with the faculties of the Institute where he shared his teaching experiences and innovative ideas to make teaching more interesting and productive for the students. In the last session of the evening, IXth semester students presented their work of urban design studio to him. With the review of their work the students were enthusiastic about his valuable inputs in their design.
The next day started with the interaction of Prof. Anne with the design faculties about how to make the design process more thought-provoking and inspiring. Post interaction with the faculties Mr. Feenstra once again interacted with the IXth Semester students in their design Studios giving his reviews and inputs throughout the day. In the evening session students of 2nd year and 3rd year also presented their work to him for discussion and reviews.
Mr. Feenstra’s 2 day visit to the Institute was quite valuable in terms of his rich experiences and innovative design and teaching ideas. The institute along with the students was very thankful for his time and visit.