How to balance Boards and Entrances?

With the hectic schedule of board exams, arrives the anxiety of preparing for the next step of your career, that is the competitive exams. But how does one maintain a balance between class 12 board exams and different competitive exams? Both the exams are equally valuable for a successful career, which makes it even more difficult to manage time between the two.

Why is it important to maintain the balance?

The difficulty level for different boards and entrances may be different, but the rigidity and the pressure while appearing in the exam are eventually same. Whether it is state board or national board, these exams mostly focus on measuring the intelligence of an average student. On the other hand, the competitive exams are based on reasoning and logical aptitude of the students.Also, both board exams and competitive exams fall one after other, without giving much time for the preparation. Hence, it is essential to plan and prepare for these exams, in a balanced manner. Here are some of the tips and tricks to prepare for both the exams simultaneously:

#1 Start planning today

As said by George Patton, “A good plan implemented today, is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow”. Remember, your goals are not what you dream, but what you plan and execute. Set up your plans from the very start, so that you can reap the fruits of success by the end of your journey. Start by investing at least two to three hours daily in studying your NCERT books, this method will keep you prepared for your boards from the very start. Create your timetable and strictly follow the same. Secondly, whatever topic you study for boards in a particular day, study the same topic for another two hours, but this time from the viewpoint of the competitive examination. This process will give you more clarity on the topic and save your time.

#2 Time is free, but it’s priceless

Most of the competitive exams are executed within a month of your board exams. Which means if you plan to start preparing for competitive exams after you finish your boards, remember that you will not even get a month’s time to be ready. Therefore, you will have to prepare for both concurrently. Try to cover the maximum syllabus way before your boards start. This may include methods like giving mock tests and solving previous years’ question papers.

#3 The last three months are the most crucial

No matter how studious and intelligent the student is, as the exams approach students tend to feel confused and make more mistakes. This time is generally the last two-three months before the exam. This mostly happens when the students start to feel overconfident and stop practicing and doing revisions. Hence, it is important to understand the cruciality of the time and hard work.

#4 Stay away from social media

Sitting in front of the TV and logging into Facebook or Twitter can eat up the maximum of your time and energy, leaving you exhausted and puzzled. Relaxation during the hectic study hours is important, but social media can never be a good option to feel relaxed. With relaxation here, we mean the peace of both body and mind. Therefore, instead of sitting glued to TV or internet, go out and get indulged into some physical activities like sports. If that is not an option for you either take a quick nap or talk to your friends and family about the topics that interest you the most. Do not forget that other than taking appropriate rest you should also eat healthy for adequate energy.

If you diligently follow the above-mentioned tips, you will never find any difficulty in setting up the right balance between your boards and competitive exams. Stay attentive and do everything you can to follow your goals.