Say Hi to your College life with these 5 points

Heya! Congratulations on being a part of the Gateway family. We’re super excited to have you at our campus, and eagerly look forward to start a wonderful journey with you. You all surely must have some preconceived notions about college, thanks to Popular Culture movies and peers. Well, here is a cool introduction to the college life that you would be witnessing in the coming years:

1. You get a chance to be the driver of your life
Schools are all about strict rules, fixed time periods, regular classes and constant supervision. But it’s in the college that you get to lead your life your own way. Sure, there would be certain rules to follow and classes to attend, but you enjoy much more freedom here. Good or bad, choices make you. Well, Harry Potter fans might relate a little better: “It’s our choices Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

2. College isn’t like a Bollywood film
As a matter of fact, college isn’t like what we all have grown up watching in Bollywood movies. It isn’t a fashion parade, and no violins get played when pretty people enter the gates. It’s not a cake walk, and you need to work hard.

3. You make lifelong friends
The first year is always the most special. Everyone including you is naive and seeks companionship. While spending time with your classmates during classes, and living with them at the hostels, you discover an altogether new family. It may take some time, but when you make close friends, you cherish them for life. Oh did we just say that there isn’t anything like Bollywood here? Well, all friendship Bollywood songs might fit well here. (singing “Tera yaar hoon main…”)

4. You discover new things
Gateway college will give you limitless opportunities to explore, grow and discover. You’ll get a chance to participate in a plethora of different extra-curricular activities, guest lectures, on-site trips, and regular events. As a result, you learn new skills, build a stronger Resume, and discover a whole new holistic development in your personality.

5. You get a peek into the real world
The College provides you much more than just a degree. It trains you to be competitive and ready for the real world. You meet all kinds of people, and face your own share of trials. These years will hopefully make you depend on yourself more than on anybody. And isn’t that where life all starts from?

It would be a memorable journey. Come, let’s ride it together.

Are you ready for the first day of your college?
Months of preparation, anticipation, contemplation, and making decision (enough of ‘ion’ here I guess?) finally it’s going to be the first day of your college. But are you all set to get on this journey? Here’s the checklist that you can go through:

Important documents
Please don’t forget to bring your government identification card, and all receipts and documents provided by Gateway Education at the time of admission.

2. Lot many smiles
Nobody likes to make a bad first impression, isn’t it? So be sure that along with decent outfits, you keep handy many heartfelt smiles to give to your new classmates and professors.

3. An open mind and heart
Surroundings, culture, people, everything will be new for you. There might be chances that you don’t find something as per your convenience. But with an open heart and mind, in no time you will be happily settled with one and all.

4. Willingness to learn
Please make sure this important tool finds a place in your bag. After all, it would be the willingness to learn new things that will make college a smooth and joyful ride for you.

5. Preparation for hostel life
As much as hostel life is exciting, it also comes as a responsibility. Some mental preparation for the start of your new hostel life will help you get through it.