Archventure 2k19


Architecture is an expedition to creative thoughts adding soul to a machine. It gives a direction to the essence of living and hence can be said that, 'Architecture is life.'

Walking several miles, covering numerous arteries, progressing barefoot towards a new milieu, a hub of knowledge.


Want to trek new routes??

ARCHVENTURE is one such route, a convention which is designed for the designers. The land portrays a scenario, following a story which helps in gaining more. ARCHVENTURE focuses on sharing knowledge and building a new ideology which helps in clearing conceptual understandings as well as build up relationships between individuals.

ARCHVENTURE is the only platform in the north zone that calls many individuals on one dais to perform and refine themselves through competitive spirit. This is an event for tapping talented students from different institutions. Here people gather, interact, learn, and gain in an inspiring manner. It is an amalgamation of art, design, creativity and an endeavour of achieving the same in a practical manner.

ARCHVENTURE 2k19 going to hold several trophies inclusive of DESIGN TROPHY, FASHION TROPHY and DANCE TROPHY which will motivate young architects and help them discover experiences. Also, the events to be held in the college premises would be group activities which would help the students work with new faces and equivalently gain from them. The motto of the event is to help build a healthy interaction level amongst the institutions. To enhance the interaction level, various programme has been introduced. Competitions, workshops, guest lectures, interactive sessions, informal and recreational activities are the crux underlines of the event.

ARCHVENTURE’19 aims to create a street of hubs, which on every step unfold the secrets it carries within. The present joy would certainly become a memory, somewhere stored in the pages of their books, the chronicles of ARCHVENTURE.

Changing like the wind, your experience in this expedition would be limitless.