A Guest Lecture by Ar. Sapna Prabhakar, Chief Architect in Department of Architecture, Punjab

Gateway College of Architecture and Design organized a guest lecture by Ar. Sapna Prabhakar. She Graduated from Chandigarh College of Architecture in 1988 and has been working as Chief Architect in Department of Architecture, Punjab. She has been associated with the government sector for almost 16 years and thus shared her experiences of working for the government sector in the creative field of architecture. She mentioned the few aspects like budget, material, and requirements that acted as the major controlling elements of the design and construction when working in the government sector. She also showcased few of the Punjab government projects ranging from Judiciary training center to Jail to memorial to gateway to Punjab. Students took away many learning points from the discussion on these varieties of projects. She not only discussed the professional aspects of architecture in government sector but also shared her views on the student life in college and how they can gain maximum from this phase of their life without being pressurized. Students were enthralled by the interactive session. They were happy to gain insight into the public sector other than the private or commercial sector in the field.