A excursion to Lotus Temple to understand the Architecture under Ar. Ezzat Hosseini

Gateway College of Architecture and Design, Sonepat organized an excursion for 2nd year and 3rd year students on Wednesday 19th Sept.’18 to Lotus Temple, Delhi. Lotus Temple is an Architectural marvel of the city dedicated to Bahai’s house of worship. Inspired by the lotus flower, the building is composed of 27 free-standing marble-clad "petals" arranged in clusters of three to form nine sides, with nine doors opening onto a central hall. The students explored the architectural design and details of the project along with sketching after which they had an interactive session with Ar. Ezzat Hosseini, resident architect of the project.

The design was developed by an Iranian architect, Ar. Fariborz Sahba and was taken care on the site by Ar. Ezzat as a resident architect. He shared his experience of working on this spectacular building. He not only gave the details of the building design and structure but also explained about the Bahai culture to understand the concept behind the building design. He explained the idea behind the building and how the flower lotus is related to every religion and culture which is important to Bahai belief, also how 9 petals in three clusters represent Baha which stands for number 9 as well for glory.

He also shared his inputs on the details of sustainability, durability and zero maintenance of the building. He told about the structure of the monolithic building along with the detail of the marbles hung on the structure with a gap of 6mm. throughout to keep the building cool.

The session concluded with a question answer round with the students along with the show-casing of a video of construction of the structure. Thus, another successful day at Gateway College of Architecture and Design came to an end for the students with enjoyment and learning experiences.