Vishwakarma Day was celebrated with great pomp in the premises of Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology. The Mechanical Department celebrated Lord Vishwakarma Day on 17th September as Vishwakarma Puja who is regarded as the God of Architecture and Engineering. It was a resolved time for the students and teachers to dedicate themselves to the advancement of technology and get divine inspiration to create novel products. The rituals were performed inside the workshop with special prayers, havans, and the distribution of sweets. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishwakarma is the builder of the palaces of all the gods and the designer of all celestial vehicles and weapons, said Sunny Singla, chairman of the mechanical department. Vishwakarma ji is also considered the seventh son of Brahma ji. That is why we people who are associated with the creation and creation of any work with reverence, worship Lord Vishwakarma. On this occasion, Sahil Agarwal, Executive Director of Gateway Engineering College, Akash Gupta, Mohit Bansal along with all the faculty members were present.