The Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology hosted a workshop on preparing for a career in the Armed Forces. This workshop's primary goal was to engage today's youth with the armed forces and encourage them to serve their country by means of defense. The workshop's keynote speaker was Major Sunil Dagar. After nearly 15 years of service, Major Dagar retired from the Indian Armed Forces with the rank of Major. Major Dagar elucidated the distinctions between the life of a defense officer and that of the common man. A defense officer who can endure temperature swings of -45 to 50 degrees also enjoys the most valuable services and highest honor of the country and the world. He also discussed how one might be connected to the military and defense sector. Which exams are given?? Along with this, it was shared how an officer can reach the rank of Lieutenant to General in the Armed Forces. After this, the students put their questions one by one and also got satisfactory answers. After this, Dr. Col. Amik Garg, Director General, Gateway Education Institute shared his views with the people present. Principal Dr. Vinay Kumar Singhal and Career Coach Mr. Mohit Bansal honored Major Sunil by wearing a shawl and giving him a memento.