Special PDP Sessions at GIET

Session 1 (Day 1)

On 25th October 2021, the Engineering department of GIET, Sonipat, conducted a personality development session with Mrs. Ranjeeta as the Guest Speaker. The session started with an introduction to the fear of public speaking - Glossophobia. She began with an exciting guessing game to introduce herself.

She emphasized the importance of public speaking and why a vast number of people cannot face the crowd. She explained with statistical numbers and the prevalence of Glossophobia.

After that, she discussed the causes and symptoms of fear of public speaking and social interaction. She explained her stance with some animated videos and clips. She highlighted the extensive research needed while preparing for a presentation - the 5Ps - Prepare, Plan, Polish, Practice, Present. She pointed out how practical speaking skills can help enhance a person’s social position, career ladder, and personality growth. She summarized the session by reflecting on the session's main points so that the students could recap. A Q&A session followed this. The session was interactive and lively.

Session 2 (Day 1)

An activity session was held after lunch to engage students. Initially, some warmup exercises were done where every student had to follow specific instructions like walk, jump, etc. The one who was unable to follow a certain instruction had to sing and dance. In the next activity, students were divided into pairs, and every student had to introduce their partner. Another action was also held where students had to continue a story from the previous student's last line, which was done to enhance the intuitive thinking of students. All in all, it was an enjoyable session.