Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology "Management department" as a part of Management and Vedanta society titled "COMPSPECT" organized an online intercollege competition on four different subjects: poster making, poetry, Essay writing, and paper crafting in which students from the different college have participated on June 04, 2021. Results for various themes have announced on June 15, 2021, in which Ritika and Varsha from (GIET) secured the first position, Swati Khatri from GVM college secured the second position, and Gunjan and Smriti Jain got the third position in the papercraft show.
In poster making winners was Vikas from (Hindu college) stood First, Rinki Goyal from (MDU)stood second and Megha Taneja from (GIET)secured the third position.
In poetry Sonia from (GVM) College, Sahaj/Navnita from (GIET) and Aanchal Chopra from (SRM) University secured First, Second and Third position respectively whereas in
Essay writing competition Tanistha Mahajan from (GIET) awarded with 1st position, Ashmita Pawar from (SRM)University got 2nd position and Nikita Goswami from GVMITM got 3rd position in the university.
All the winners and participants were appreciated for their graceful efforts by Principal sir (Dr. Vinay Singhal) and (Dr.Mamta Rani). INTERCOLLGE They wished them their Good luck in the future.