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Executive Chairman’s Message

 Executive chairman gateway education

It is a great honour and pleasure to address you. In the years of inception of our different Institutes/colleges, I asked myself what parameters will help me judge our performance five years from now.

There is greater emphasis on building the human capital. According to some recent demographic studies, India will have a comparative advantage over U.S. and Europe in terms of ‘young’ population. India is being seen as a major producer of workforce in the coming decades. This would be possible only when our workforce undergoes appropriate training and acquires required skills. This is the age to become ‘specialists’ not generalists.

Our students and the faculty continue to have access to the most modern and state of the art infrastructure with fully equipped educational spaces, work-shops, library, quality food, accommodation and transport systems.

Business communities in specific and our nation at large will gain from the entrepreneurial spirit of the students who rather than just being job seekers will also create new opportunities for sustainable growth and rewarding jobs.

This, I am aware, is not possible without the students, parents, faculty, industry and business communities who will have to collaborate to nurture a common dream that we subscribe to.

We at Gateway, strive to train our students accordingly. I extend my hands for this collaboration and commit to the vision and mission that we subscribe to

I welcome you to Gateway Campus.

Rakesh Aggarwal

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