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About Us


Hospitality/Hotel Industry is one of the most amazing professions offering maximum growth, a rich life style peppered with multiple perquisites, fat salaries with remuneration packages at par with the best of industry standards fit for living a quality life style.

Indian hospitality is and has always been exceptional. Foreign tourists love the warm weather of India and wish to rejuvenate and de-stress themselves by exploring the ancient country with numerous heritage, archeological sites, its lush flora and fauna, regional diversity and traditions, religions and cultures, fairs and festivals. Hospitality in modern times has attained peak pleasure status in the minds of tourists. India will be one of the top tourism destinations in the world by 2010. Due to the boom in the tourism industry plenty of job opportunities are available for hospitality and tourism management professionals in operations, at front office, housekeeping, food & beverages, accounting, sales & public relations. At GIHM, our aim is to prepare well carved & qualified professionals who can match & step in the changing future of the Indian Hospitality & Tourism Industry.

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