GIET continually focuses on the overall development of any children. Any young brain that is well nourished with a hands-on experience to a given subject would understand the technical core if it. Furthermore, the practical knowledge helps in understanding the theoretical concept in an immense way. Considering this objective, a seminar on Image processing was organized by the ECE department of GIET.

A remarkable number of students actively participated in this seminar. Under the guidance of the faculty members, it was great to see how eager these students were to understand the concept of the manipulation of images by computer algorithms. Ms. Manisha Sharma (HOD, ECE), addressed the students by talking about how this seminar is going to help the students to pursue studies in a better way. She imparted her words of wisdom and inaugurated the workshop. The students were also acquainted with the practical uses of image processing. She told that image processing could be used in the identification of signature, face detection, MRI, PAT scanning, remote sensing, and many more features. She also told the students; how helpful it can be in stopping cyber-crime.

It was a walkthrough, of how many sophisticated processes can be executed with a simple task of Image Processing. Dr. Nijhawan, a scholar in this field, demonstrated the uses of image processing with an elaborate presentation. He also offered a detailed prescription of Morphing. He explained how simple it is to shuffle images using computer techniques. The animation was also a part of the comprehensive presentation.

Faculty members expressed their views on this topic. They explained how this is going to help the students who are going to work in the field of animation. Students had practical exposure to image processing, and they were looking very zestful after listening to those words of wisdom. These seminars help students to understand how complicated things can be managed more simply with just a few clicks. We would look forward to conducting more such events at regular intervals.