Computer Science Engineering


Computer Laboratory

The Computer Science Engineering laboratories are available for the engineering computing he is community. All platforms are available with a wide variety of software for class work and research. The computer equipment in the labs are upgraded regularly and is custom built according to the requirements of students and engineering applications. The Labs available in the department helps the student to enhance their knowledge of various concept and creates an interest which allows students to specify, analyze, implement and test concurrent, distributed and reactive applications. Department has different labs to conduct all experiments as per the university curriculum and beyond curriculum.

Language Laboratory

A Language Lab (Oral Multimedia Language Lab) consists of a teacher console and a student console. The teacher console is provided with the control functions and the student console is provided with the facility to receive recorded lessons and to listen to the lessons and pronunciations. The console also has the facility to record and replay the students own recording.

The student is able to listen, repeat and compare the pronunciation. The lessons follow the rote method which is highly acclaimed as the most effective teaching method in language teaching. A student is free to move ahead of the schedule or stay with a lesson till he or she is confident.

PC/Hardware Laboratory

PC/Hardware lab helps in covering the topics during the first year of the course. All relevant material, including number systems, combinational and sequential circuit analysis and design etc. are taught during the first few weeks of the Computer Organization course in the hardware lab.

Project Laboratory

The Project Lab provides faculty, staff and students a comfortable place to work apart from their busy schedules. The lab contains thirty two workstations packed with the required hardware and software.