Mechanical Engineering


Theory of Machine(KOM + DOM)

The Theory of Machine Laboratory has a range of equipment, designed to understand the basic principles of machines. The Lab includes a governor, different cam models, a balancing of reciprocating masses apparatus, in addition to a vibration apparatus, where experiments can be performed on pendulums, springs and rotors, covering free and forced vibration, damping, and torsional oscillations.

Heat Transfer

The Heat Transfer Laboratory features a series of equipment on which various experiments can be performed to demonstrate the three basic modes of heat transfer which include: conduction (linear and radial), convection (steady and unsteady state) and radiation heat transfer. The Lab also includes a heat exchanger unit where several types of heat exchangers such as shell and tube, concentric tube, plate and jacketed vessel heat exchangers can be studied. Instrumentation is provided to allow the evaluation of the processes occurring in each heat exchanger.

Strength of Material Lab

Strength of Materials Laboratory offers facilities for testing building materials for their strength, behavior and suitability for various applications. The equipment available in the lab are Universal testing Machine with shear test attachment, Torsion testing machine, Rockwell brinell hardness testing machine, Izod charpy testing machine.

Engineering Drawing

Conveying visual information is one of the most important jobs of modern engineers. Any design is nearly worthless if not accurately communicated and technical drawings are the most effective way to convey design details. In all cases, the engineer who completes a design of an object is not the person who manufactures it. Therefore, it is extremely important that design drawings contain all information required to construct and use it.

Material Science

Material Science Lab helps in research activities in the mechanical engineering department. Its main objective is to provide information about material characterization like microstructure characterization, metal analyzer, metal testing including hardness, tensile, creep, fatigue and impact testing etc.