Co-Curricular Activities

“Larger the island of knowledge longer the shoreline of wisdom”

Education is not achieved in an ivory tower. Qualitative education aims to explore one’s diverse culture, language, tradition and heritage. Furthermore, in this era of globalization and information,it prepares students to have a competitive edge over others to meet the global perspective with the best of technology in education. A holistic and multidimensional growth is recognized, appreciated, promoted and evaluated to complement the child centric educational program of the school.Keeping in mind the specifications of NEPthe co-curricular activities are designed to promote the emotional, social and creative skills of a child.

Camps and Excursions

On Campus Adventure camps, Educational Trips, Fields Trips, and Excursion form an essential part of the curriculum. Students enthusiastically participate in each of these programmes, explore, enhance their spirit of adventure and pick up multilevel skills.

International Tours

International Educational Trips for students are arranged every year to supplement their education with Global Exposure.