Vision for tomorrow

Vision for tomorrow

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I will learn”

Learning is stronger when knowledge is tried and tested. Experiential learning is based on students being directly involved in a learning experience rather than them being recipients of ready-made content in the form of lectures.


Theatre in Education (TIE) acts as a positive catalyst to develop intellectually and emotionally. It brings the entire school together and encourages such social virtues as co-operation, team-spirit, co-ordination and responsibility. It trains the students in self-confidence and poise and improves their diction, voice and articulation. Furthermore, it enables one to feel and to experience a release of repressed emotions.

Robotics Lab

The Robotics Lab caters to the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) and aims to build a strong base in computer programming and artificial intelligence among students. It focuses on – Branches of Robotics, Robotics in modern life and its components and reaches out to the future.

Linguistic Lab

Language and speech is an integral part of the upbringing process. Speaking well and articulating are necessary skills in today’s world where expression leads to co-operation and out of the box thinking.

Clay Modelling & Pottery

Clay Modelling and Pottery enables the students to appreciate and develop an aesthetic sensibility to enjoy three dimensional forms and keeps them rooted to the Mother Earth and all living beings. It even improves hand-eye coordination skills, encourages trial and error, develops fine motor skills and teaches creativity. It wipes away the web of stress from the mind, releases the tension and lets the hands mould a beautiful shape from the pliable texture of clay.