“It is not luxury that we look for, but a home that is beyond all luxury...”

The exuberant and elaborate infrastructure is clearly split into three floors of academic and non academic blocks which can comfortably accommodate a large number of students. The entire building in centrally air conditioned and well lit. Separate rooms are provided for co-curricular activities. There is a 24 hours CCTV surveillance enabling a constant check on the activities of the campus. There is a 100% electricity and water back up making it congenial and comfortable for the students.

The School Libraries

GIS has always laid great emphasis on inculcating the habit of reading in its students, right from the Dear Corner of the Primary wing. The libraries are well stocked which help to feed the eager minds of the young students, by giving them the right medium for knowledge and awareness, in the form of attractive and informative books.



Senso-Motor Lab

GIS Juniors aims to help children develop the skills necessary for learning readiness and mastery of the environment. These skills are based on children’s ability to manoeuvre and function in their environment. The more aware the children are of their environment and the effects of their actions,vthe better they can control themselves and accomplish tasks.

Computer Labs

The computer labs are well fitted with the latest state of the art equipment and an IT staff which transforms our youngsters into tech-savvy millennial.

Science Labs

There are well equipped scientifically designed laboratories in GIS which create keen interests and thriving endeavour towards experimentation and research in the young minds and motivate them to lead the nation on the path of scientific innovation.



Mathematics Laboratory

The concept of the Mathematics Laboratory is yet another effort in making learning more enjoyable and effective. It is an activity based pedagogy in the teaching of Mathematics at the Primary and Middle Level, promoting inquiry and exploratory learning under the able guidance of a trained teacher. The laboratory is fitted with state-of-the-art furniture, up-to-date apparatus and equipments in sufficient quantity to provide for every child to play with and experiment on.

Ekam Auditorium

The Ekam Auditorium is a ‘happening’ place. It is equipped with the most modern state of the art audio visual facilities and a massive seating capacity of approximately 1000. The sound proof auditorium hosts a multitude of events and functions.

Day Care

‘A structured environment with trained teachers to administer, care and educate.’ At Day Care, we provide supervision and care to our Tiny-Tots where they stay and rest after school so that their parents can keep up with their engagements.



Ekam Dining Hall

As a pedagogical tool for teaching table manners, food culture, nutrition and healthy eating habits, as well as for increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits, students at GIS have breakfast in school with their classmates and class teachers. Each day begins healthy with a Fruit Break.

SDG Lab (Sustainable Development Goals Lab)

GIS has collaborated with The DAIS and set up‘The DAIS SDG Lab’ to provide an opportunityfor the students to engage and act in variousenvironmental and social issues and make animpact on the community.

Art and Craft room

The Art and Craft Room of the school is a hub of the creative pursuits of the students. This huge, colourful, well furnished area promises to bring out the creative best in each student.

Dance Room

The Dance Room with its mirrored walls and vibrating sound system sets every foot tapping and every heart throbbing to join the rhythm. A qualified teacher maximizes its usage and ensures the structural development of students.



Music Room

The Music Room has a huge collection of various Indians and western musical instruments supplemented by a well qualified teacher to ignite the interest for music and polish their musical expression making way for the subject in later life.

Philanthropic Ventures (Sharing social responsibility)

“We can’t help everyone…but everyone can help someone.”
GIS believes that students should be exposed to the different sections of underprivileged society in order to create a spirit of empathy to the myriad hues of humanity. Keeping this in mind, they will be attached to different NGO’s and actively participate in their endeavours to uplift, rehabilitate and rejuvenate the lives of differently-abled children, orphans and senior citizens.

Sanjeevani - The Infirmary

Sanjeevani - The lifeline of the school is the Infirmary, where students are given instant medical aid and a time-to-time physical check-up, supervised by team of doctors.


The monthly yagyas in the yagyashala of Gateway is a feature of school life which imbibes a sense of values which connects our students to their roots and their nation.


The gaushala is a unique feature of Gateway which inculcates the feeling of love and compassion among the towards the animals.