Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Academic excellence leading to holistic development
Blending of tradition and technology
Contemporary exposure to relevant issues
Democratic outlook that promotes self discipline
Effective communicative skills
Fathomless creativity that stimulates self expression
Growth with consistent learning
Harmony of the head and the heart
Individuality of ideas which are flexible to changes
L…..and the Legacy lives on…….


"To concoct and nurture citizens of tomorrow -rounded ,rooted to the soil, reaching out to the future."


  • To ensure an environment facilitating holistic learning.
  • To foster a culture of teachers as mentors, collaboratorsand active participants.
  • To instil self-awareness.
  • To equip with knowledge, innovation and life skills.
  • To encourage the realization of optimum potential.
  • To prepare for risks and challenges.
  • To nurture social responsibility with individuality.

Prime Focus of Academic Curriculum:

  • Innovative Teaching Learning Programmes
  • Strategic Planning and Frequent Evaluation
  • Remedial classes for low achievers
  • Student friendly and student centric activities
  • Promotion of the area of specialization for each student
  • Computer aided teaching with Interactive Boards and Audio -Visual Supplements
  • Balanced student teacher ratio
  • Catering to the overall development of the student