Datesheet for Internal Assessment

Datesheet for Internal Assessment

Datesheet for Internal Assessment III (2017-18)
For Classes XI
Date Day Class XI
15 November 2017 Wednesday HIS/CHEM/B.St
16 November 2017 Thursday ENGLISH
17 November 2017 Friday Commmerce Olympiad
18 November 2017 Saturday MATHS/BIO
19 November 2017 Sunday
20 November 2017 Monday POL.SCI/PHYSICS/ACC
21 November 2017 Tuesday IP/PHE/FA
22 Novembwr 2017 Wednesday HINDI/ECO
Datesheet for Internal Assessment IV (2017-18)
For Classes XI
Date Day Class XI
11 January 2018 Thursday HIS/CHEM/B.St
12 January 2018 Friday ENGLISH
13 January 2018 Saturday IP/PHE/FA
14 January 2018 Sunday
15 January 2018 Monday HINDI/ECO
16 January 2018 Tuesday POL.SCI/PHYSICS/ACC
17 January 2018 Wednesday MATHS/ BIO
Date Day Subject
02-Feb-18 Friday English(ASL)
03-Feb-18 Saturday English(ASL)
04-Feb-18 Sunday
05-Feb-18 Monday Bio/B.St/Hist(Prac)
06-Feb-18 Tuesday Phy(Prac)/Acc(Prac)
07-Feb-18 Wednesday Chem/Eco/Hindi Elec(Prac)
08-Feb-18 Thursday IP(Prac)/PHE(Prac)/FA(Prac)
09-Feb-18 Friday Study Leave
10-Feb-18 Saturday Phy/Acc./Pol.Sc
11-Feb-18 Sunday
12-Feb-18 Monday English
13-Feb-18 Tuesday Study Leave
14-Feb-18 Wednesday IP/PHE
15-Feb-18 Thursday Study Leave
16-Feb-18 Friday Maths/Bio
17-Feb-18 Saturday Study Leave
18-Feb-18 Sunday
19-Feb-18 Monday Hist/Chem/B.St.
20-Feb-18 Tuesday Study Leave
21-Feb-18 Wednesday Eco/Hindi Elec

Kindly Note:

1) Attendance on Exam Days is Mandatory.

2) No leaves should be taken before Annual Examination.

3) Timings during Exam days: 8:20 am to 12:00 noon.

4) Non Exam days will be holidays.

5) Complete syllabus of all subjects.

6) PTM on 27 Feb 2018 in between 2:pm to 4:00pm

7) New Session (2018-19)for class XII from 5 March 2018.