HOD's Message

An affectionate welcome to the Civil Engineering discipline. Civil Engineering is considered to be the most versatile branch among all the engineering branches in the country. Being the oldest Engineering branch in the academic institutions in the world, it has a lot of diversity right from Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Science, Transportation, Hydrology and Construction Engineering, etc.

There are many career paths for civil engineers. Civil engineers are essential in government agencies, private and public sector undertakings to take up various mega projects like metro railway projects, express highway corridors, industrial structures, reservoir projects, flyovers, townships and mega city projects. Today, the world is undergoing vast changes in technological revolution, population growth and environmental concerns. All these changes create unique challenges for civil engineers.

Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology is one of the best engineering colleges in India offering civil engineering. In our Department all the labs are well setup and equipped with mechanised equipment’s which includes Soil Mechanics Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Concrete Lab, Transportation Lab, Surveying Lab, strength of Materials Lab, Fluid Mechanics lab, Computer Aided Design & Drawing Lab.

For better awareness and interest of students seminars, workshops and site visits…etc are conducted at regular intervals thus students here are encouraged to engage in extra-circular and co-curricular activities which are essentials for personality development ,nurturing of team spirit and development of organizational skills.

Sumit Kumar