Electronics & Communication

Core Subjects and Syllabus

Our curriculum is directed to applications in major areas such as telecommunications, energy and electronics sectors, while encouraging development of necessary skills for integration of hardware and software components. ore has many courses in common with the CSE program initially. Thereafter, the program in year 3 & 4 is structured to allow customization by individual students based on their own personal preferences.

In first half of the course, the students go through the basic engineering concept, physics, mathematics, chemistry and fundamental of Electronics engineering. In the second half of the course, the students go through the core study of electronics and communication such as:

  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Signal & System
  • Electromagnetic Field Theory
  • Communication System (Analog & Digital)
  • Electronic Circuits & Devices
  • VLSI
  • Power Electronics
  • Control Systems.

To know what we teach in four years, please visit the links. The syllabus has been mandated by DCRUST, Murthal.

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