Electronics & Communication


Department has different laboratory to give a first hand experience to our students:

PCB Design Laboratory

It has all the equipment & component required to make a (Printed Circuit Board) PCB. Machinery and other arrangements provide an ideal environment for students to work in an industrial set-up.

Network Theory Laboratory

In this lab different network circuit parameters are calculated by using various equipment. The transient response of different passive circuits is measured in this lab.

Digital Electronics Laboratory

It is a space for students to interact with different gate Integrated Circuits (IC’s) and digital circuits like multiplexer, demultiplexer & different converters.

Analog Electronics Laboratory

This Lab. is incorporated in the curriculum to study the characteristics and practical applications of different semiconductor devices, diodes, transistor and power switching devices.

Communication Laboratory

In this students are equipped to study and test various modulation techniques by using different communication circuits, display and input device.

Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation Laboratory

This lab provides opportunity to students to study and test different measuring instruments like pressure gauge, LVDT, thermocouple, functioning of CRO, function generator and frequency meter.

Analog Electronic Circuits Laboratory

The lab is equipped with various Op-Amp based linear and nonlinear circuits.

Microprocessor Laboratory

Architecture, programming and application of 8085 and 8086 microprocessor is studied in this lab.

Microcontroller & Embedded system laboratory

In this lab, microcontroller programming are its different applications are studied.

Microwave & Radar Engg. Laboratory

In this lab, students are introduced with various microwave equipment and characteristics of microwaves are studied.

Digital System Design Laboratory

In this lab, the designing of the digital systems using Behaviour modelling is done in VHDL and implemented on FPGA and CPLD kits.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

This lab is very important in today’s scenario. Digital signal processors are used in high quality DJ systems and audio synthesisers. In this lab different types of signals are studied using MatLab software. Students understand how a digital signal is achieved by sampling and how it can be processed.

Wireless and Satellite Communication Laboratory

In this lab students are introduced with different wireless communication techniques.They study antennas satellite links, transponders and GPS technique.

Data Communication Laboratory

In this lab the students are introduced with different aspects of networking. They study networking components like modem, router, hub, switch etc.